Resurrection Day Rewind

Awakening Global Easter Experience | Vision Video - YouTube

Resurrection Day has come and gone and we’re a week removed from perhaps the most unique Resurrection (Easter) weekend we have ever encountered. Personally, I found the creativity refreshing, as congregations across the country and around the world put their best creative foot forward to produce quality online experiences. I was able to take in a half dozen or so services and was highly blessed.

However, there is a reason Hebrews 10:25 warns us not to forsake gathering together to encourage one another. That is done best personally…together physically…being the body of Christ. Thus, once we get past “stay at home,” I encourage you to set your mind on returning to your home church, or finding a good Bible-teaching church if you have not regularly attended in the past.

Meanwhile, I want to keep the resurrection fresh in our minds. This was a unique Resurrection Day this year. But did it all fade away, or does Jesus’ victory over death still bring joy to your heart just as it did last Sunday? After all, every Sunday is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, and every day should be a day of joy because of it.

One of the outstanding Easter services I joined in last Sunday was filmed live in Israel, and I was blessed! Having spent considerable time in Israel, my heart skips a beat when I am able to join in worship at favorite places around the country. If you have never been to Israel, worship and teaching onsite will transport you there.

The video below includes opening worship at various places, then a message from the Garden Tomb. A rather lengthy concert follows, but also includes informative onsite teachings at about the 1:14:50 mark. Carve out some time, clear your thoughts, and enjoy all or part of this resurrection celebration!

PS: Following Jesus’ resurrection, He made many appearances on difference occasions to many people, all leading up to the next major Jewish feast: Pentecost. Follow along over the next few days as we take an exciting journey together! It’s about to get good! See you back here tomorrow morning!

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