When Armageddon Shut Down!

Living on the Edge of Armageddon - Behold Israel

Mark Hitchcock is a solid teacher of Bible prophecy, and was in Israel in March when things began shutting down there…including the sight we know as Armageddon!

Our world is in apocalyptic fear, and many are viewing C-19 as a sign. I agree with him…it is not a sign of the end, but rather a foreshadow of the Second Coming.

Listen to what he has to say about it:

Believers, we just celebrated Jesus’ resurrection. There is no need to fear as the world does. Our Redeemer has got this, and though we may face trials, we will be spared from the wrath of God in the tribulation!

BTW, Amir Tsarfati’s Living on the Edge of Armageddon is scheduled for release at noon today (AZ time, 3:00 pm Eastern). Here is the trailer, and the actual teaching will be available on Behold Israel’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

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