Israel Must Get Their Act Together as They Emerge from the C-19 Crisis

Make no mistake, the coronavirus is still on the upswing in Israel and throughout the Middle East. However, light is beginning to shine in the nationalization window.

Exactly what do I mean? I mean that, while Israel’s economy is taking a pounding and their political process has been in shambles, they still entered the crisis in much better shape than their neighbors. Losing a single life is too many, but Israel has managed to keep its infection and death rates below worldly averages. Meanwhile, other countries in the Middle East are known to be grossly under-reporting cases and death. Many are experiencing devastating numbers of losses. On top of that, Israel’s economy, including the health sector, was booming prior to the outbreak, while the economies of surrounding nations were already on the brink.

Thus, the light (or should I say, “Light”) shining through the window may be Israel’s best chance to get their act together and position themselves in the most favorable position possible in terms of sovereign borders, economic security and world respect.

Caroline Glick is a sensible voice of reason in Israel, besides being an accomplished journalist. She has a fantastic perspective of this season of time in Israel, and the window of opportunity Israel has once the pandemic subsides. Find out exactly what is at stake for Israel. Then stop to ponder what God’s Word says will be the condition of Israel prior to what many believe will be the next major event on the prophetic calendar (Ezekiel 38)! Enjoy!

Coronavirus Lessons for Coalition Talks

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