The Political Slide that Could Separate the US and Israel

Why is the recently-held election and the current attempt to establish a government in Israel so important? Because it has important implications on the US-Israel relationship.

Indeed, if Benny Gantz and his cadre of former IDF chiefs of staff turned political wannabes are successful in building a coalition that includes the Arab parties, Israel’s relationship with the US could be significantly impacted. (Update: there are signs Gantz may be turning from that idea.) Furthermore, if either of the Democratic candidates in the US succeed, the situation will go from very bad to worse, and the relationship between Israel and the US will be sorely compromised.

American-Israeli journalist, Caroline Glick, seems to keep a finger on the political pulse of both countries and report accurately. Her latest article, Benny Gantz and the pyromaniacal cockpit, lays out the details.

Take a look, then pray for God’s mercy in the government-forming process underway in Israel. Pray, also, as Americans prepare to go to the polls later this year. 2020 elections in both countries are perhaps the most important in history, and may further set the stage for the rise of the Antichrist, as the world looks for a leader fully capable of leading.

PS: If you didn’t read yesterday’s post regarding the rise of the Antichrist, check it out! It will put this further into perspective!

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