Is China Burning Bodies to Conceal Chemical Deaths?

Elevated levels of sulfur dioxide detected outside Wuhan China

INTELWAVE has posted data on Twitter indicating extraordinary levels of sulfur dioxide detected outside Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Let’s avoid jumping to conclusions about what is creating these high numbers, but some of the reasons put forth are:

  • A power plant releasing gases. (Seems unlikely, given how high the levels are, and that Wuhan is reported to be practically in full shutdown right now.)
  • Wuhan is burning municipal trash, including contaminated animal carcasses.
  • Contaminated medical waste is being burned.
  • Dead bodies are being burned. Incarcerating dead bodies is not an unusual practice in China. (One estimate is that it would take 14,000 bodies to elevate SO2 levels to that extreme.)

I have yet to see confirmation regarding this issue. Let’s pray it is simply the result of burning contaminated materials.

The Bible warns us of these type catastrophes in the last days. Matthew 24:8 helps us remember that these are birth pangs.

Pray for the people of China, and others around the world who may have been infected.

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