“Iran Looks to America as a Beacon of Hope” – Iranian Scholar

Image result for iran riots
Worst Iranian unrest since 1979 revolution.

Iranians continue to riot in Tehran and other places around Iran. Frustrated by the oppression and yearning for freedom from tyranny, Persian people are showing their disdain for the Iranian regime.

Additionally, journalists are resigning from government-run TV stations and some are apologizing for spreading propaganda and lies for years.

Check out the video embedded in this article by FoxNews: Iran state TV sees at least 2 news anchors quit An Iranian scholar reveals what is really happening in Iran.

Pray for the people of Iran. Not only are they seeking freedom, but the Holy Spirit is moving mightily, and young and old alike are experiencing visions of Jesus! Many are coming to faith in Him, so pray for the awakening to broaden and the people to gain freedom!

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