Understanding the Past: What Lessons Can We Learn?

Week 2 of Understanding the Times

Welcome to week 2 of our study, Understanding the Times! If you stumbled upon this week’s study, be sure to go back to last week’s posts, where we noted that time is short…and answered the question, “Why does it matter?”

Today, we begin understanding times past and the lessons we can learn there. Originally, I planned to focus on Old Testament prophecies that pointed to Christ, but the Lord had other ideas! However, be reminded that, according to Bible scholars, there are around 1,000 specific prophecies in Scripture regarding Jesus. Roughly half have to do with His first coming, while the other half point us toward His second coming. Every single prophecy regarding His first coming was fulfilled 100% accurately! Thus, a key lesson we can learn from the past is that all prophecies will be fulfilled just as Scripture describes!

So, rather than Old Testament prophecies, let’s frame the past with the key covenants God made with His people. The more we know of these past covenants, the more we understand the times in which we live, and God’s desire for us in these last days! God is a covenant-making, covenant-keeping God who laid a firm foundation in the past for us to build upon.

We’ll get a running start by going all the way back in time. Please read Ephesians 1:3-4. Can you spot at least 3 key promises of God?

Indeed, He chose us, and He has blessed us with EVERY spiritual blessing so that we should be holy and blameless before Him. What incredible promises…but how utterly impossible for us to attain them on our own! God needed a way to “transport” those promises to us, and He had just the right plan!

We’ll reveal that plan tomorrow, but for today, why not read the entire first chapter of Ephesians and revel in the sweet embrace of the Lord’s redemptive grace! You are SO LOVED, my friend!

That is a lesson from the past we can cling to today!

See you right back here tomorrow….

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