Living Between Two Worlds

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For our citizenship is in heaven, from which also we eagerly wait for a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
~Philippians 3:20

Believing friends, have you noticed?  We are not at home in this world!  Our passports say, “Heaven,” yet we live physically in a world that hates what and who we stand for.  We are waiting to be taken to heaven, where we belong!

Jesus actually prayed for us in John 17.  Take a look at verses 13-19.  Jesus Himself prays to His Father, acknowledging the world hates us as they hate Him.  We are not of this hateful world, yet Jesus did not ask the Father to take us out of here, but to keep us from the evil one.

Hey…wait a minute!  Jesus gets to leave this place, yet we are to stay?  Why is that?  Well, just 3 chapters earlier (John 14), we’re told Jesus went to prepare a place for us!  He’s preparing our heavenly home, but meanwhile, we remain in this foreign place because we have work to do!  Do we know our purpose?  Are we living it out?  Are we content to sit around saying, “Maranatha, Lord come quickly,” or are we committed to finish the work the Father has left for us to do?

One thing for sure…we live in unprecedented times.  As we discussed in a previous week, we are living in the calm before the storm.  This is a time of urgency…a time to prepare for what is coming.  In fact, I personally believe God honored the prayers of many in giving America one last chance to repent and turn to Him in righteousness.  It is a short window of time, so now is the time to be about our Father’s business.

As I write this, a large monsoon storm, typical of the Phoenix area, just blew through.  It was not a surprise because the signs were clear: the sky grew dark, the wind picked up and it is monsoon season.  Well, dear believers, we live in the season described as end times in the Bible, and “skies are growing dark” in areas of the world Scripture tells us will be embattled in the end.  Winds of war are blowing.

In Matthew 16:1-3 and Luke 12:54-56, Jesus admonished religious leaders and crowds that followed Him because they knew how to discern the weather, but did not discern the signs of the times.  I wonder…would He admonish us today?  The signs are clear, and we must be alert to them.  Jesus is coming soon.  Are we ready?

Why not end today’s study by taking a few moments to honestly appraise the Father’s work assigned to you.  Are you about your Father’s business?  If so, press on, friends!  If not, it’s not too late!  Seek out His plan for you, then take the first step.  He will bless you!

See you tomorrow!

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