242 Years of God’s Blessings

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It is Independence Day in America and most of us have the day off to celebrate with our family and friends.  I hope you have a blessed 4th of July celebration, but I also encourage you to carve out a few minutes to give thanks to the Lord for 242 years of blessing upon our nation.

We often hear politicians and others say, “God bless the United States of America.”  But may I ask…is the United States of America blessing God who has shown His favor for nearly 2 1/2 centuries?  As you pray today, please include:

  • Wisdom for our national, state and local leaders (whether or not you agree with them)
  • Protection of our constitutional right to religious freedom
  • A return to righteousness and constitutional integrity in our court systems
  • A great spiritual awakening in our country and around the globe
  • God’s protection of all military personnel and first responders
  • A renewed commitment to the authority of God’s Word in our churches and society

Finally, to every man and woman who has served to gain and preserve the freedoms we enjoy in the United States…THANK YOU!

Happy Independence Day!

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