Yad Vashem Offers Free Online Course on Antisemitism

Friends, there is a fantastic opportunity I don’t want you to miss!  You can learn from some of the world’s experts on antisemitism and the Holocaust for FREE.  Yad Vashem is offering the free course entitled Antisemitism: From its Origins to the Present.

A couple years ago I had the blessed privilege to attend a Christian Leaders Seminar on the Holocaust and antisemitism at Yad Vashem (in Jerusalem).  Yad Vashem is best known as Israel’s Holocaust Memorial and Museum, but it is also a world-renown international research and educational center.  The museum actually sits adjacent to the International School for Holocaust Studies, where many come from all over the world to study about the Holocaust and antisemitism.  The researchers are truly experts (including Holocaust survivors and children of survivors), and the educational faculty is second to none.  These people know their stuff!

Yad Vashem has a website literally jam-packed with resources, and now they are offering online courses.  Having spent 8 days in a classroom there, “drinking from the firehose,” I can tell you the courses will likely be loaded with more information than you dream possible!  Also, the learning experience will include discussion (to whatever degree you are comfortable), allowing an “iron sharpening iron” experience.  (Teaching styles in Israel are considerably different than in the US, where lecture-style teaching is predominant.)

After studying at Yad Vashem, I realized that, unless you have a degree of understanding about the Holocaust and antisemitism, you really have no depth of knowledge about the lives of Jewish people.  For that reason (and others), I highly encourage you to take advantage of this free course, offered by Yad Vashem and the International School of Holocaust Studies.  I believe you will come away with a much greater depth of understanding and appreciation for the people God calls the apple of His eye.

Classes begin March 19, so sign up soon!

Course Information

Register Here

Hope to see you in class!

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