Expanding Borders and Final Touches on a New Study!

Welcome back friends!

The Lord is definitely stirring things up as He urges me forward to expand the borders of Looking for the Blessed Hope.  What started out as a simple Bible study to share with friends at home, grew to become a blog, then a series of Bible studies for mainstream Sunday school, and is now stretching into more than I ever considered!

A while back I announced my presence on Facebook, much to my personal chagrin!  (Stretching hurts sometimes!) I have never been a fan of Facebook, but it is a day and age that, when the Lord gives the command to expand, Facebook seems to be the most effective vehicle.  So, it is my desire to use Facebook, as best I can, to the glory of God.  Looking for the Blessed Hope has its own page, so if you are a FB user, check it out.

Plans are in the works to start a discussion group on FB.  The group will serve as a forum to discuss Israel, our relationship to the Jewish people, and Bible prophecy.  It will coincide at times with Bible studies I am teaching, or with other resources I hope to post in the future; and may even include some short, live videos.  If you are interested, keep an eye on this blog or the FB page.  I will post information as soon as it is available.

Big News for my Phoenix Friends

Beginning Sunday, September 17, I will be teaching What in the World is Going On? at both campuses of Calvary Community Church: 9:00am at Northwest (Prayer Room),  and 11:00am at Central campus (Room 403), through November.  (More information here.)

What in the World is Going On: Understanding the Chaos Leading to the Return of Our King will focus on three things:

  • Making sense of current events through the lens of Scripture
  • Examining God’s covenant with Israel in order to understand how it impacts us today
  • Being ready for the imminent return of King Jesus!

I’m working diligently right now to remain abreast of current events in order to make the Bible study as relevant as possible, and I’m traveling to Israel in a few days where I hope to put finishing touches on it!  (Check in…I hope to post some updates from Israel!)

If you have attended previous Bible studies I’ve led, and were blessed, will you help get the word out?  Invite your friends, and feel free to re-post this information on any social media platform you use.  Due to time restraints and other things the Lord is leading me to do, this is likely the last study I teach live for a while, so I hope to see you and your friends there!

So, there you have it…a few of the “growing pains” as the ministry expands.  Other significant developments are in the works, so stay tuned!

Prayers are appreciated!  Blessings to all!

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