Don’t Miss It: Harvest America

Hi gang!  I’m on my way to the stadium, but want to encourage you…wherever you live…to join in Harvest America.  It will be HUGE, and it is hosted right here in Phoenix AZ at University of Phoenix stadium (home of the Arizona Cardinals).  It starts later this afternoon (4:30 AZ time…with concerts prior).

If you are not in the Phoenix area, this event is being broadcast via television (TBN) and internet AROUND THE WORLD!  You can join in from wherever you are!  Go to Harvest America for more info.

We go to Super Bowls and watch them all over the world.  Friends, this is the “Super Bowl” of evangelical outreach.  Let’s get excited, let’s be part of the action, and let’s invite family and friends to join us!  Greg Laurie will share the gospel message loud and clear, and this could be the most significant event in the lives of our unsaved friends.

So, pray for the Harvest America team and invite friends to watch with you!  If you’re coming to the stadium, please stop by the Canyon Ministries booth to say hi, and to register for a free tour for 4 at the Grand Canyon…from a Biblical perspective!

See you there!

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