A New Study Ready to Launch

Hi gang!  If you have followed a while, you know that several months ago I announced that my focus, time and energy would be re-directed from the blog to researching and writing a another Bible study.

I am excited to say that the new study is written and now ready for a test run with a pilot group!  This afternoon I will launch Why Israel Matters with a small group of friends who have committed to critique and evaluate the study.  Lord willing, it will be ready for regular classes and/or home study groups in January!

Why Israel Matters will focus on God’s call upon the nation of Israel, four major covenants God made with them, and Christians’ responsibilities to rightly relate to Israel and the Jewish people (in light of those covenants).  Praying for Israel and putting our faith into action will be key components of the study as well.

When possible, I’ll share bits and pieces via this blog.  Meanwhile, I hope you’ll pray the study will be true to God’s Word, and my presentation of His truth will honor our Lord and be shared accurately.

Now, regarding the blog…you may have noticed that I have ramped up the frequency to what it was previously.  I won’t necessarily post every single day, but will post as often as there is pertinent news and/or encouragement to share.  (There is LOTS going on in the world right now!)  My hope is that all are encouraged to view today’s events through the lens of Scripture, and I’ll do my best to help facilitate that.  Those of us who view events in light of Scripture know that we are living in end times.  Indeed, the clock is ticking, and if you know what Scripture has to say about places such as Syria, Russia, Iran and Israel, it could be said that we’re living in the last minutes of history as we know it.

Jesus is coming back soon and we must be ready.  My desire is that this blog will encourage us all to live accordingly!  Blessings friends!

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