A Sure Promise

Hi friends!  Yesterday we took a look at Zionism (the movement of the Jewish people to establish a homeland, based on God’s covenant with Abraham), and defined Biblical Zionism as Biblical, Christian support of the Jews’ right to their homeland.  Today (and perhaps in days to come) I want to share more about Biblical Zionism, because it is important for us to understand, if we are to rightly relate to Israel.

Israel’s right to the land is based on a sure promise God gave to Abraham. The promise was so sure that God repeated it more than once to Abraham (Genesis 12:7, Genesis 13:14-15, Genesis 15:7, 18), reaffirmed it to Isaac (Genesis 26:3) and Jacob (Genesis 28:13), the Psalmists wrote of it (Psalm 105:7-11, Psalm 135:8-12, Psalm 136:21-22) and prophets spoke of it (Ezekiel 36).  It is a sure thing!

In Biblical times, covenants were established through the sacrifice of an animal which was split in two, allowing the parties to pass together through the pieces, thus establishing the covenant between them.  However, God’s covenant with Abraham was different.  After putting Abraham to sleep, God alone passed between the pieces.  Abraham had nothing to do with the cutting of this covenant!

Why is that significant?  Because God intended it to be a one-sided covenant.  A covenant in which the Lord God Almighty would fulfill every portion of it!  God essentially said to Abraham, “No matter what you and your descendants do, I will make good on my promise and you will inherit the land.”

Biblical Zionism is founded on this profound covenant promise.  God is a covenant-keeping God and that gives both the Jews and us as Christians the sure foundation that the promised land will forever be Israel’s.

I will not violate my covenant
    or alter the word that went forth from my lips.
~Psalm 89:34

Bank on it, my friends…God will be faithful to His promises!

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