Jim Caviezel Shares a Message for Our Day

In early-2004 The Passion of the Christ hit movie screens across America, and soon spread as the largest-grossing Christian film in the world.  The reviews were mixed, but that’s not the point here.

Jim Caviezel, a professed Christian, played the part of Jesus in the film and, regardless of what you thought about the movie, it has been no secret that playing the part of Jesus had an unimaginable impact on Caviezel.

Recently, I stumbled upon an appearance he made at Rock Church in Southern California a few weeks ago.  In it, I believe, is an end times message to believers to know and understand the times in which we live, and to be ready for the difficult days that lie ahead.  He also shares a bit about playing the role of Jesus and enduring incredible challenges.  It is a testimony that will inspire as well as challenge you.

There are two versions: the full, 40-minute version, or the 5-minute clip of Caviezel’s straight-forward challenge to Christians in the last days.  (Everything in the 5-minute clip appears in the 40-minute version.)  Please take the time to watch one or the other.  You will be blessed!

Full, 40-minute version:


5-minute clip:


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