Special Thanks!

Just a quick note before we head off to another day of great study at Yad Vashem…

I want to thank those of you who are so diligently praying for this seminar and for me personally.  Your prayers are felt, and God is honoring them.  There are 27 of us (pastors and ministry leaders) who are becoming very well equipped to educate others about antisemitism and the holocaust, and your prayers on our behalf are being realized right here in the City of the Great King!

Please continue…and here are some prayer points:

  • Strength and alertness for each participant as we go through each day.  The days are long, but so full of great information and experience.  Though I have slept well, the same is not true for all my fellow students.
  • Clarity of message from those who teach us.  Each lecturer is an expert on the topic in which he/she is teaching.  These are brilliant people who have much to say.  Pray that their words are filtered in such a way that we get the clear, pure message they are trying to deliver.
  • Yad Vashem in general.  I know of at least 3 other seminars going on at Yad Vashem right now.  (Ours is the only one from a Christian perspective, that I am aware of.)  There are educators here from around the world, and there is a seminar involving young people.  Likewise, I have seen multiple groups of IDF soldiers on campus.  Pray for the appropriate messages to be delivered, and that each student understands and processes the information in a way that accomplishes the goals.
  • Finally, we became aware of the news that Jurgen Buhler (Director of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) has been diagnosed with late stage kidney cancer.  Dr Buhler is a fantastic leader and is beloved, not only by the Christian community in Israel (and around the world), but by the people of the state of Israel as well.  Pray for him and his wife, Vesta.

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