A Prophetic Look at Fig Trees and Generations

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Are you ready for today’s adventure?  Today, more than ever, I’m asking you to do your own thinking!  The objective is not to come to agreement with the theory being presented, but to bring us all to a place of considering how imminent The Rapture could be.  So first, let’s take a careful look at what Scripture has to say.

What event is being referenced and what is the key point in each of the following verses:

Based on those verses, who knows when Jesus will return?

Now, let’s contrast those teachings of Jesus, with other passages.  Summarize the following passages:

With that as our backdrop, we’ll spend the day on a rather long article, but one that will intrigue to you.  Please read The Fig Tree has Budded, an article by Douglas Hamp, and ponder your thoughts!

Dear friends, it is extremely important not to become dogmatic about things to which the Bible does not give a very clear, specific answer.  Indeed, we are told that no one other than the Father knows the exact time of Jesus’ return.  On the other hand, we are told specifically in Scripture to know and be aware of the season of Jesus’ return.  Thus, you are exhorted to do your own research and rely upon the Holy Spirit’s revelation to you personally.

That’s all for today, but in our final lesson together we’ll gather on deck as we return to our hometown harbor.  Finish strong, valiant travelers!

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