Evil Empires Lurking for Opportunity

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Welcome back, friends!  Ready for today’s journey?  Let’s get started!

TV is rampant with programs of crime investigation, and every good armchair detective knows that one key to solving a crime is determining the motive.  In our investigation of the prophetic invasion from the north, we now know at least one motive.  So, we’ve been good investigators so far!  But let’s go further.

We’re going to focus the remainder of this week’s study on current events and how they relate to Ezekiel’s prophecy of the invasion from the north by God’s identified “axis of evil.”  Before we dig in, though, let’s review.

Based on Ezekiel’s prophecy (chapters 38-39), from what direction will the invasion of Israel take place?  What is the largest modern-day nation to the far north of Israel?  Who will be Russia’s sidekick in this invasion?

Today we’ll spend some time discovering what Russia and Iran are up to currently, and you will do some individual research.  Because news regarding Russia and Iran changes so quickly, it is impossible to assign specific news articles as resources and remain up-to-date.  Thus, I will guide you to sources and ask you to do your own research!

The websites I suggest provide news from a Judeo-Christian perspective.  For the most part, I believe these to be reliable websites, but I also urge you to measure everything against the standard of God’s Word.  News articles are simply that…someone’s perspective of events. Always view them through the filter of God’s Word, remembering that God’s Word is infallible.  Avoid being sidetracked by opinions presented as facts that are contrary to the Word of God.

Find current news regarding Russia and Iran by searching “Russia, Iran” on these sites:
Prophecy News Watch
The Jerusalem Post
Joel Rosenberg’s blog (This is a site I trust a great deal, but there is no “search” feature on this blog.  However, scrolling through several days may reveal pertinent articles. April 14, 2015 is an example.)

(Note: Each site includes a “search” feature, but be sure to select the round button indicating a search only on that site.  You do not want to search the entire web, as the results will be too numerous and will lead you to potentially unreliable sites.  Those round buttons are typically located beneath or to the left of the search field.)

Did you find anything intriguing today?  The goal is to filter today’s events through the lens of Scripture.  Hopefully, you are seeing Biblical prophecy being confirmed in current headlines and news stories.  Keep your Scriptural glasses on!

Given current events you have read about today, close your time today using news from those articles as your basis of prayer for the peace of Jerusalem.

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