Motives behind the Invasion

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So, what do you think of this week’s Who’s Who?  Not the group with whom you wish to befriend, is it!  Now that we know the alignment of nations who will come against Israel during the northern invasion, let’s talk about why.  What is the motive for the invasion of Israel?

The most obvious motive is the pure hatred those nations have toward Israel.  In this week’s introduction, we heard some of the venom that drips from the lips of world leaders who hate Israel.  Before we dive more deeply into today’s study, let’s review some of those quotes and a few others.

  • “The Arab people will not be embarrassed to declare: We shall not be satisfied except by the final obliteration of Israel from the map of the Middle East.”  Egyptian Foreign Minister Muhammad Salah al-Din (Al-Missri, April 12, 1954) See quote here.
  • “We aim at the destruction of the State of Israel.  The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might.  The national aim: the eradication of Israel.”  Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser (March 8, 1965)  See quote here.
  • “The existence of Israel is an error which must be rectified.  This is our opportunity to wipe out the ignominy, which has been with us since 1948.  Our goal is clear – to wipe Israel off the map.”  Iraqi president Abdur Rahman Aref (May 31, 1967)  See quote here.
  • “We are announcing a war against the sons of apes and pigs [the Jews] which will not end until the flag of Islam is raised in Jerusalem.”   Hamas leaflet (September 1, 1993) See quote here.
  • “Israel is a regime based on evil that cannot continue and one day will vanish.”  Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (May 11, 2006)  See quote here.
  • “Israel is doomed to be ‘wiped from the map’ in ‘a war of destiny.’”  Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (April 28, 2006)  See quote here.

It is clear that the hatred of Israel by Arab nations is not a new phenomenon.  Later in our study we will discover just how vile those threats are.  But for now, let’s get back to our question, “What will be the motive for the northern invasion of Israel?”

We’ll return to our previous passage to determine the true motive.  Re-read Ezekiel 38:10-13.  According to the last phrase of verse 12, what is Israel’s position in the world?  Not only did God place Israel at the center of the world, but this passage also implies that God provides tremendous resources.  What is the spoil?  What is there to plunder?  Ezekiel mentions cattle and goods.  Exactly what goods will those nations be after?

Today, tourism is perhaps Israel’s biggest industry, but tourists that are seized and plundered don’t return!  Thus, tourism is not the industry these nations are after.  There must be other goods they want.

Perhaps you have a clue.  But let’s look at Scripture, then at today’s news to consider what resources may be coveted during the raid of terror from the north.  Read Genesis 49:22-25, Deuteronomy 33:13 and Deuteronomy 33:24.  Based on those passages, what natural resource might Israel have that the Russian/Iranian-led coalition want?

Let’s review some headlines:

Israeli Drilling Platform – Tamar Gas Field in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Israel

A Geopolitical Game Changer (, June 11, 2010)
Israel Announces Discovery of (Third) Offshore Gas Field (Washington Free Beacon, December 15, 2014)

Indeed, a strong argument could be made that the oil and gas-crazed invaders (primarily Russia and Iran) may attempt to plunder those resources from suddenly oil and gas-rich Israel!  Stay tuned, because this will be a news maker as the last days draw to a close.

Let’s close our day today by examining God’s reaction to this invasion.  Return to Ezekiel 38 and read verses 17-20.  What is God’s reaction?

We’ve covered some ground today, but before we call it a day, stop to consider what you’ve studied today, in light of today’s headlines.  Then, why not spend some time praying for the peace of Jerusalem!

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