Israel: Random, Coincidence or Destiny?

While doing research concerning Israel’s prophetic destiny last weekend, I was once again amazed by the utter miracle of Israel’s existence despite the fact the Jewish people have been exiled, persecuted and pushed toward extinction numerous times. Beyond that, not only have they miraculously survived, but they thrive (as we saw yesterday!)

Scripture accurately predicted Israel’s fate, including the regathering of the Jewish people back into their land.  Ezekiel 36 clearly describes the restoration of the land itself, and Ezekiel 37 provides the prophetic narrative of the re-birth of Israel as a nation.  But, Scripture foretold so much more, and the miracle of Israel is simply beyond human capacity.  Indeed, Israel is a testament to God’s faithfulness.

I came across a very well-done video that provides evidence of the miracle.  Rather than attempt to capture and re-tell the fascinating storyline of Israel’s prophetic destiny, I will direct you to that video.  Click here to enjoy Prophecies that are Coming True Before our Very Eyes.


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