Signs of Babylonian Times

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Today, Dear Ones, we are going to take a look at current events and we’ll hang them on the framework we’ve built this week.  I think we’ve established the fact that throughout history mankind has been duped into believing Satan’s lie that God’s plan isn’t good enough, thus we must do what we can to make life work!  Having studied the utter destruction of those false religious, economic and political systems, let’s look at today’s news.

We’ll conduct searches on the Prophecy News Watch site, as it contains a collection of news articles from various sources around the world.   So, go to that site and search that site using words such as “apostate,” “doctrine,” or “religion.”  (Hint: there are two little buttons beneath the search box.  Select only the website, not the entire Web.)  Find at least two articles that provide evidence of a false religious system at work or in the making.

  • What false religious principles are being asserted?
  • What dangers do you see in the assertion of those false religious principles?
  • What concerns do you have about these false religious principles?

Now, let’s do the same thing, only let’s search for evidence of a false economic system.  From the same Prophecy News Watch site, search the site using words such as “economy,” “debt,” or “One World Currency.”  (Again, search only the website, not the entire web!)

  • What did you find regarding the economy of the US and of other nations?
  • Did you read anything about One World Currency?  If so, what’s the news?
  • What did you find out about the debt of our nation as a whole, or American citizens in general?
  • Do you see any evidence of individuals, groups or nations succumbing to a false economic system?

You’re now becoming a full-fledged researcher of prophetic news!  Let’s turn to false political systems.  Again, using Prophecy News Watch as our source, scan the site using words such as “world order” or “world government.”  You’re sure to find examples!

  • What did you find regarding one world order (or one world government)?
  • What nations are advocating one world government?
  • Based on what you know of God scattering the people into language groups at the Tower of Babel, do you believe God is in favor of one world government?

There is a myth that the New World Order will result in peace.  However, the only solution to peace is the Prince of Peace!  The Prince of Peace is our Blessed Hope, and He’s coming soon!  Maranatha!

Finally, though we didn’t touch on it specifically in our study of Revelation 17 and 18, I think it is important to note the role technology plays in the movement toward one world currency and one world order.  After all, one world currency would simply not be possible without the technology we have today.  Let’s briefly examine some of that technology.  Once more, go to Prophecy News Watch to examine today’s news.  Search for “technology” or “high tech,” where you will find many pages of articles!  What are some examples of technology that seem to help pave the way for false religious, economic or political systems?

It’s astounding, isn’t it!  The God of the Universe has given fallible man the ability and means to advance technology that hastens the coming of Jesus’ second coming!  Meanwhile, man is gloating over the intelligence and ability to advance technology to unbelievable heights!  All the while, fulfilling the very signs that the Lord Jesus gave John in Revelation 17 and 18!  We’re pushing closer, my friends!

Okay, enough treasure hunting for today.  The harbor is coming into view and we are quickly approaching the end of our cruise.  We’ll take one last look at the world around us before we disembark.  But before we do, we’ll ponder a very interesting theory that many Christians espouse.  However, you’ll have to cruise with us tomorrow for that adventure!  So, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and we’ll see you then!

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