So, You Think ISIS is the Biggest Problem? Check this Out!

According to YnetNews,  two Iranians (one man and one woman,) in their 20’s were arrested in Nairobi Kenya about a week ago.  The two were carrying fake Israeli passports and were boarding a connecting flight to Brussels, eventually bound for Tel Aviv.  Their intent is unclear, but authorities suspect the possibility of spying or terrorist activity.  At last report, the two remain in Israeli custody and are being questioned by authorities.

One of the passports confiscated

Meanwhile, Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz echoes what some prophecy watchers have said all along: that Iran is the “main threat to global security.”  (That position is also shared by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.)

Following high-level negotiations in Washington last week, Steinitz voiced concern that Iran has shown “no real flexibility” regarding concessions, and that “The picture is gloomy.”  He concluded by saying, “I went concerned and I came back concerned.  I didn’t hear anything [indicating] the Iranians had made concessions that gave me hope.”

Likening current Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Steinitz added, “The only thing that has changed is the tone.  The only difference is that what the world was unwilling to hear from Ahmadinejad and Jalili (Iran’s former nuclear negotiator), it is willing to listen to from Rouhani and Zarif (current Iranian nuclear negotiator).”

Israel continues to warn the US that no deal with Iran is better than a bad deal.  Whether the US heeds the warning remains to be seen.

Though Steinitz recognizes Iran as the greater threat, he also emphasized the importance of stopping ISIS and their attempt to establish a second Islamic state in Iraq.  According to the Jerusalem Post, Steinitz remarked, “One Iran is enough,” adding that the world cannot take the risk of the establishment of a second terrorist state in pursuit of chemical and nuclear weapons.

I think he has a point there!  What about you?

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