Prophecy Concerning Damascus

Welcome back friends!  Did you get a chance to read the articles regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in the previous post?  If not, take a moment to go there to gain a sense of what is happening there.

Today we’ll turn the focus to Syria, and particularly the capital city, Damascus.  It is important to understand what God’s Word says about the land of Syria in the last days.  But before we turn to Scripture, let’s take a look at the territory we’re talking about.

On the map above, Israel is the tiny yellow-colored nation on the Mediterranean coast, while Syria appears north of Israel and is green-colored.  You will notice the tiny areas between the two (also green-colored) called the Golan Heights.  Israel currently occupies the Golan Heights and it is a very strategic “high point” in the land.  Should Israel’s enemies control the Golan Heights, they would have the ability to fire weapons downhill into the Galilee area…not a good scenario for Israel!

In the pictures below, you see a view into Syria (toward Damascus), the UN peacekeeping encampment on the Israeli-Syrian border, and the Israeli “eyes and ears” (satellite equipment) atop the Golan Heights.  By the way, that is a large cherry tree orchard in the foreground of the UN encampment picture!

Image Image


Now, turn in your Bibles (or click the links!) to Isaiah 17:1-3 and Jeremiah 49:23-27.  The Lord God, through the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah, makes it clear what will occur in Syria (particularly Damascus):  the city will disappear, and the area will be devastated.  But you need to know this: Damascus is one of the oldest consistently inhabited cities in the world.  There has never been a time when Damascus was totally destroyed, left forsaken, and fire set to the walls.  These are end times prophecies.

It is also important to know that many of the largest terrorist groups have headquarters, or at least a very large presence, in Damascus.  It is a major base of operations for groups such as Hezbollah, al-Quada, and Hamas.  The city is full of evil, and is currently ruled by one of the most heartless tyrants of all time.  To date, well over 100,000 Syrian citizens are confirmed to have been eliminated by the government forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.  In addition, more than 2 million Syrian refugees have fled the country to neighboring countries (including Israel), and it is estimated that another 4-6 million Syrians are “displaced” (ie – fled from home, but still in the country…many on the run, hoping to find safety somewhere).

It is a sad state of affairs in Syria…and we should pray fervently for the innocent Syrian people caught in the ravages of civil war.  It is also important for us to pray for Israel, as this is simply another sign of the growing unrest that will be prolific during the last days, and will ultimately lead to major chaos in the land of Israel as they are attacked by nations all around them!

Stick with me as we continue building the framework necessary to understand end time events!  Thanks for stopping by…and please pray for all people of the Middle East.

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