Are YOU in Bible Prophecy?

Hi friends! Here is a powerful 2-minute message very apropos for this season in time. Take a couple minutes to ponder!

What’s Happening in Our World Today?

God's Word is more accurate than today's newspaper! Consider these thoughts about what we see in our world today: We'll continue this theme tomorrow. Check back in!

Look Out…the Train is Coming!

Friends, you don't want to be standing on the tracks when the train comes barreling around the bend! There are ways to know a train is coming, and the wise person will get out of the way. When Jesus returns, we (believers) will be rescued from this sin-sick world. But to not know Jesus is …

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Are You Rapture Ready?

The Bible teaches us to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ, when He comes in the clouds to snatch believers out of this world ahead of the Tribulation that will ravish the earth. But, what does it take to be rapture ready? Here are a few clues! Are you ready?