God’s Judgment and the Believer’s Position

There is a growing sense of impending doom in America. We are watching the country most of us love and appreciate go right down the proverbial toilet as what I believe to be demonic forces are asserting their way among leaders of our great nation.

Most certainly we see it in the political sphere, but I dare say it is in every known sphere in our land. Leadership in our families, schools, and yes, even our churches, seems to be influenced by sheer evil. Wokeism has infested our institutions (government, education, healthcare, military, industry, etc) and evil is permeating our culture from every conceivable source.

As believers, there is temptation to throw our hands in the air, surrender and give in to the tsunami of evil threatening our world. Yet, we must stand. Why? Because the Bible commands it. Over and over we are warned we will be hated in the last days, that we will be faced with evil and chaos, but that we must stand firm in the midst of it!

When nations rebel, they invite God’s hand of judgment. In the book of Judges, we see God’s hand of protection upon the Israelites, yet they rebel, and that hand is removed so judgment may take its course. Are we any different here in America? Is it any different in our institutions (even churches)? I think not.

Israel faced tremendous judgment when they turned their back on God. (See Deuteronomy 28, for example.) It seems rather apparent that God’s hand of blessing, which was for so long the mighty covering for America, has now been lifted. It’s not that God necessarily sends judgment (though He can and He will…and He has every right to do so, as God). When God’s hand of blessing is removed, we are left uncovered, unprotected and exposed.

That is what I believe we are sensing in America. After 6 decades of killing babies, kicking God out of public places, shaking our collective fist in the face of God, doing what is right in our own eyes and ignoring His correction, God has done the gentlemanly thing: He has left us alone to endure the consequences of our actions and attitudes toward Him.

Recently, Pastor Jack Hibbs said this:

For the follower of Jesus Christ, the Scriptures are clear – our personal sins have been forgiven, and heaven is our home. But as a nation – America is and will come under greater judgment and wrath for our national sins.

~Jack Hibbs on Telegram, April 22, 2023

Believing friends, he is right. We have great hope in Jesus Christ because of His forgiveness, but Jesus didn’t die to save nations. He died and rose again to save and to give life to individuals who put their trust and faith in Him. America will be judged with all the rest, according to Joel 3:2.

As long as we have breath, and as long as we call this great land home, we must fight for what is right. Not for our own sake, but for the sake of a nation whose founding was upon the very Word of God. Our faith must be lived out in every aspect of life…family, church, government, work, play, etc.

Last Friday, Pastor Jack spoke at the convocation at Liberty University where he challenged students to do that very thing. I encourage you to hear the message and be challenged by it as well. America needs Christians to stand up. Will you be one who does?

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