Ready for Some Good News?

Hey friends! It seems all we hear is bad news these days. Bad news regarding radical leftist legislation, bad news about elections, bad news about the economy, and bad news about where our nation is headed. And that’s just in America! The rest of the world is seemingly filled with bad news as well.

But let’s focus on some good news, shall we?

How about this: Doctors and others in the medical field enjoyed a huge victory recently. As you know, the radical Department of Health and Human Services (or better known as the Department of Ill-health and Human Disservice) attempted to force Christians and others with moral backbone to perform abortions and sex change surgeries against their strongly held Christian beliefs. Thankfully, the Christian Medical and Dental Association fought back and won in the 5th Circuit Court back in August.

As with virtually any court decision, the law allows appeals and sets a time limit in which to make the appeal. Shockingly, attorneys for Biden’s HHS Department did not appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court and the deadline for doing so was November 25! Victory was won! You can read more about it here:

Now, whether or not the administration or HHS has something else up their sleeve remains to be seen, but let’s celebrate the victory and fight future battles as they come!

Are you up for more good news? Would you believe there are people in Hollywood who actually live out their Christian faith? I suspect there isn’t a large percentage, but some insiders say there are more than we are likely aware of. Let’s pray for them, as that world makes it almost impossible to succeed as a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

One of those believers, standing strong in her faith, is Candace Cameron Bure. It’s not a name I recognized, but if you watched much of the old sitcom Full House, you would recognize her as DJ Tanner. She has also starred in 30 Hallmark movies (many of them Christmas movies).

Again, I’m not familiar, but Hallmark who was known for family-friendly productions, apparently experienced a change in leadership, and a change in moral values. When it became known they would soon produce movies with LGBT lovers, Candace jumped ship to the upstart, Christian-based Great American Family Network, where she will continue living out her faith playing God-honoring parts in their movies.

Don’t you want to just jump up and applaud actors willing to shun the Hollywood way of things to follow their convictions! Well, you can do so, in a meaningful way. One Million Moms, a division of American Family Association, makes available a method to personally thank Candace Cameron Bure for living out her faith! Send her your thoughts here:

In a world spinning out of control, rest assured we are all in this together! Let’s celebrate the victories the Lord gives, and let’s support those who choose to live out their faith! Most of us don’t find ourselves in Hollywood or in court cases (though we may soon!), but we should all be encouraged to live out our faith in whatever roll we play in our sphere of influence! These last days will only get darker, but the light of Jesus shines brightest in darkness! Let your light shine!

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