Is the Church in America Awake?

Welcome back weekend warriors! Thanksgiving is behind us and I pray you are enjoying an extra day off. As we spend time with family and friends, I hope we also find some time to worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who gives us all things in which to be thankful! Please honor Him with your presence and adoration before turning here for exhortation in living in these chaotic end times.

Yesterday, we looked at evidence that we are living in the last days. To anyone even slightly tuned into God’s Word, there is no lack of evidence to confirm the days in which we live are not normal. In fact, these days are specifically what Bible prophecy warns.

Because we live in the last days, it begs the question: How are we, as believers and followers of Christ, living our lives? Yet another appropriate question is: Is the church in America awake? Together, are we obedient to all God calls us to in the church age, before Jesus comes to redeem us?

Recently, Paster Gary Hamrick sat down with Eric Metaxas to tackle those questions. This is a valuable conversation to every Christian. So, grab a leftover turkey leg and a cup of hot spicey tea and settle in. The hour will be well spent!

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