The Christian Roots of Thanksgiving

More and more we see US history re-written to remove all reference to God. Rather than celebrating 1776 as America’s founding, those promoting the 1619 Project are teaching our school children to celebrate arrival of the first enslaved Africans to the American continent, which has been a pillar of the CRT messaging.

But let’s consider fact. Puritans arrived on America’s shores for the specific purpose of worshipping freely, apart from the tyranny of the Church of England. It was for religious purposes that freedom-seekers came to America!

Soon after arrival, a time of Thanksgiving was declared and the celebration continued year-after-year. It finally became an official American holiday in 1941.

Spend a few minutes today to learn about the origins and Christian roots of Thanksgiving. It is fascinating and will bless you as you enjoy this Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Many blessings to you and your family!

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