Our Battle is Vertical, Not Horizontal

Now that we’ve had an opportunity to digest election results that were not exactly what most conservatives in America hoped for, it is time to consider our place as believers and followers of Jesus Christ. While I believe strongly that these last days are days in which the Lord calls us to live out our faith in the civic arena, I just as strongly believe we cannot place our hope and faith in the civic arena.

Let me explain! No political figure or political party will save us. There is only one Savior and King and that is Jesus! However, America’s constitution allows us to elect officials and vote on propositions that determine whether or not our faith can be expressed, and to what degree. For example, there is legislation in the US Congress right now that, if passed, will impact what churches, pastors, and religious organizations are prohibited from, or allowed to do. The current deceptively named “Respect for Marriage Act,” for example, would require churches and business owners to go against their God-given conscious when it comes to gay marriage. (Pastors could not “discriminate” against gay couples wanting to marry, and business owners would be required to provide services to gay couples.)

As Christians, we absolutely should fight for our religious rights, granted by God Almighty and currently enshrined in our Constitution. However, we must no put our trust in government or people. Regardless of whether we win our battles or not, we must remain firmly rooted in faith. God’s Word tells us the last days will be characterized by evil and chaos, so why should we be surprised?

Perhaps our key takeaway, though is that our battles is not against flesh and blood (horizontal), but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (vertical). We must be armored up! (Ephesians 6:10-13) It is clear: our battle is vertical, not horizontal.

Mike Huckabee articulates this principal as well as I’ve ever heard it. This is a “must see” for every believer. Huckabee is straight-forward, but also incredibly encouraging. This is a last days message worth seeing. How will you respond to his closing challenge?

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