How Do I Choose Who to Vote For?

Hi friends! Some have asked: Why so many political posts? The answer is a long one, but let’s see if I can shorten the answer: God commands us to live out our faith in every area of life. For far too long, we (followers of Christ) have abdicated our responsibility as citizens with God-given rights and freedoms to those who hold opposing views. We are now suffering the consequences.

Secondly, God ordained government and civic engagement. It is His idea! Thumb through your Bible to find examples such as David, Nehemiah, Esther, Joseph, Daniel, Deborah, and many others who God used to mold and shape leaders of their day. When God’s Word exhorts us to live out our faith, we don’t get a pass when it comes to civic engagement. What better leaders could a nation have than God-fearing, Bible-believing men and women!?!

Thirdly, Jeremiah 29:7 ties our personal peace and prosperity directly to that of the cities and nations in which we live! Do you want to experience personal peace and prosperity? Fight for them in the city in which you live!

Finally, we are living in the last days. Our King Jesus will soon appear in the clouds to snatch us (believers) away to live with Him for eternity. Shouldn’t we be found faithfully doing our Father’s business in EVERY area of life?

Spend 2 minutes hearing how Pastor Todd Wagner explains it:

My faith votes. What about yours!?!

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