How to Encourage Friends Who Don’t Want to “Get Involved in Politics”

Hello friends! We probably all know Christians who have determined not to get involved in politics. In a sense, it is understandable. Politics are dirty.

But let’s take “politics” out of it. God ordained government and civic engagement. Think about Daniel, David, Nehemiah, Esther, Joseph, Deborah and so many other Biblical examples who had profound impact on the governments and rulers of their day. God called them to that…and He calls us to the same!

Politics, on the other hand, is man’s twisting of God’s design. God desired righteousness in government and civic affairs, yet greed, lust for power, and immorality thrust its way into civic affairs, making it “slimmy” to be involved. A wise, but humorous Bible teacher once said this: “‘Poly’ means many and ‘Tics’ are blood suckers. I suppose “politics” is filled with nothing but a bunch of blood suckers!”

So, let’s get beyond politics to God’s design of civic engagement. Here is what Pastor Jack Hibbs says about encouraging friends to get in the game:

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