Ballots are Out…What Will You Do with Yours?

Early voting ballots in Arizona and many other states are now in the mail, or may already be in your hands. So, what will you do with your ballot?

First and foremost, make use of your ballot…VOTE! And when you vote, please vote your values. Never in my lifetime I have I seen such a stark contrast between candidates. The two parties seem to be diametrically opposed.

  • One stands for life; the other stands for the murder of unborn children, calling it a woman’s right. What about the right of the unborn child?
  • One stands for marriage between one man and one woman for life; the other stands for gay marriage, gender confusion, and brainwashing young kids to believe there are multiple genders, and that they are something different than what they were born.
  • One stands for law and order; the other stands for defunding the police, leaving our borders open, and ignoring human trafficking and the tidal wave of fentanyl entering our country and killing our young people.
  • One stands with Israel; the other has sold out to Iran, Hezbollah and Israel’s enemies by cutting deals that are harmful to Israel’s security.

Neither party is perfect, but one (Republicans) have a party platform that most closely match Bible principles (such as sanctity of life and marriage, standing with Israel, and law and order). In this election, the choices are clear for Bible-believing Christians: vote Republican in every race.

BTW – there is new information about voting in Arizona:

  • If you received a ballot in the mail, it is difficult to vote in person at the polls, as your mailed ballot must be voided and a provisional ballot issued. (Those ballots will be counted last.) Thus, choose one of these ways to cast your ballot:
  • If you did not receive a ballot by mail, go to a polling place and cast your votes in person! (Those of us who have been on the mail ballot list should get off before the next election! It’s too late for this one.)
  • DO NOT mail in your ballot, and DO NOT deposit it in an unmanned drop box.

The key thing is: VOTE! We’re in the final push and every vote counts. Now is the time to take a stand! If religious freedom and Biblical values are important to you, please commit to vote, and please urge your family and friends to vote.

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