Time for Action! Ask Your Governor to Make June Sanctity of Life Month!

Ok, Christian friends, here is another opportunity to take action! The American Family Association is leading the charge to ask every governor in American to proclaim June Sanctity of Life month in honor of the reversal of Roe v Wade. That’s a bandwagon we should all jump on!

It fast and it’s easy. Simply click the link below and follow the prompts to ask your governor to make the proclamation. True, you may live in a state where you think, “There is absolutely no way!” Our job is not to “make something happen,” our job is to sow seeds by speaking up and standing up for our Godly principles, and the freedoms granted to us by the US Constitution. We’ll leave the results to God, but let’s do our part. The more engaged we are civically, the more our Christian values will impact our society.

Let’s make June Sanctity of Life Month!

PS: It has already happened in one state! Who will be next?

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