Check Out “Feedback Friday!”

Hey friends! It’s hard to believe, but Looking for the Blessed Hope will launch its 8th year on February 1! What started as simply a place to post pictures while on an Israel trip turned into a daily report of the trip. Once back home, dozens of people asked questions such as, “What was your favorite sight?” or “How close is the Mount of Olives to where the Temple once stood?” and it became a handy place to post answers so anyone interested could see them. Ultimately, that led to daily blogs focused on Israel, the Jewish roots of our Christian faith, Bible prophecy, and America’s place in it all, from a Biblical perspective.

Over the years, the format has changed and upgrades have occurred. As we enter year 8, the desire is to “scratch the itch,” so the goal is to identify what you are itching to see and read! Our audience has grown from a few dozen to thousands, so your feedback matters! That’s the purpose of “Feedback Friday,” a survey that will appear occasionally on Fridays, asking a specific question that will help us create content that is appealing to those who follow!

Here’s the first! No identifying information is collected…just your answers! Please help us by answering Feedback Friday questions anytime you see them! Thanks in advance!

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