Michelle Bachman to Israeli Officials: “Open up!”

In this day and age where fear is used overwhelmingly to control people, a few strong Christian voices are being heard to say: “Let’s get back to life, and let’s do so without fear!” That’s the message from leaders such as Pastor Jack Hibbs, Tony Perkins, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Congresswoman and current Dean of Regent University, Michelle Bachman, and many more.

Bachman has been outspoken for religious freedom and liberties. She recently spoke at the virtual 2021 Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem, where a key message to Israeli officials was to open up Israel to Christian (and other) tourists by loosening the burdensome restrictions recently implemented when Israel opened their borders to tourists. Unfortunately, it remains difficult to enter Israel and remain compliant with current mandates. Michelle and others are trying to change that.

Hear Michelle Bachman’s comments at the Summit here:

Amen to that!

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