“It’s Time to Obey God Rather Than Man!”

Amen to that statement…it sounds Biblical! (Acts 4:22-32)

Lately, we have posted several speakers’ exhortations from the Pray Vote Stand Summit, urging us as Christians to occupy till Jesus comes. That’s also Biblical…notice what Jesus said in Luke 19:13 (KJV), in the midst of the parable of minas.

To occupy is to carry on the master’s business while He is away. Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us (John 14:1-3) and He has given each of us responsibilities to fulfill until He returns. To occupy requires that we be strong and courageous, as the Lord exhorted Joshua (Joshua 1:7) and as Hezekiah encouraged the military captains (2 Chronicles 32:7) protecting the City of David…the king’s territory.

Believers, what territory are we protecting spiritually? These days, how many live in fear rather than faith? How many take a stand on righteousness?

The headline above was recently uttered by Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor, encouraging the citizens of his state (particularly leaders) to walk in hope and freedom…God-given gifts to us! Here is what appeared on Telegram:

Now, let’s be clear! The intent is not to trigger vax vs anti-vax debate, but to suggest that we not live in fear. (Some fear taking the vaccine, some fear not taking the vaccine. Either way is a poor way to make a decision.) Just as importantly, it is time to stand up to mandates that erode away the freedoms God has given us. Fear causes many to acquiesce to tyrannical leaders and their warped agendas, which BTW, is how the Antichrist will control so many! To be controlled by anyone other than God leads to tyranny, not freedom!

Here is AG O’Connor’s full statement posted on social media:

It’s time for you to wake up out of your fear and stop allowing yourself to be intimidated. Your cowardice has rendered you unfit to lead.
To the rest of us, it’s time to join the groundswell of hope, freedom and logic and stop stupidity from being imposed upon you, your family, your job and our nation.
It’s time for you take back your God given life – remember that? Your life belongs to God and no one else has that authority over you.
We are in the Last Days. Evil is loose and we must stand against it on all fronts! By doing so you will be letting your light shine before men in this world, just as Jesus commanded.
It’s time to obey God rather than man!

[Emphasis mine]

We occupy when we entrust ourselves to the One to whom we belong! As we do so, we shed the fear that seems to hoover around us, and we carry on our Father’s business!

Imagine if Christians around the world united together to say, “It’s time to obey God rather than man!” Let’s give it a try!

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