Godly Leaders in Washington DC

Hi friends! If you are following the tour rewind, continue to do so, but I want to share something powerful I heard during a recent Pray Vote Stand Summit hosted by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council.

Particularly in the past year or so, Jesus’ admonition to “Occupy till I come,” has been a recurring theme. The nearer the day of Jesus’ coming, the more urgent that exhortation is! Thankfully, we have seen a rise in Christian organizations becoming more active, more vocal and more engaged in our culture, including civically. Gone are the days we can say, “I don’t get involved in politics…I just want to focus on being a Christian.”

God has called us to live out our Christian faith while we live in this dark and sinful world. By not being involved in government affairs, we have handed the governance of our nation over to those who have a totally different agenda and worldview than ours…and we wonder how it all happened!

When Christians…not just Christian organizations…rise up, America will be much better served. Is it too late? I don’t know. But I was challenged by two key points made by two US Senators speaking at the Pray Vote Stand Conference:

  1. When God decided it was time to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, He pulled out His chosen ones. Today, we look to Washington DC as Sodom, and granted it is an unholy mess! However, God is calling Godly people TO Washington, not out of Washington. Why? Because He isn’t done with America yet. That day may come, but until then Christians must “occupy” Washington until He comes!
  2. When Nehemiah returned from Babylonian captivity and brought a host with him to rebuild the walls, each person began working on the wall nearest his home. They looked to Nehemiah for leadership, but not to build the wall for them. They had work to do if Jerusalem was to be safe and secure again. How are we building our wall? Are we looking to our leaders in Washington to build for us, or are we taking on the responsibilities necessary to build a stronger, more secure city, state and nation? We have a part to play!

That particular session was rich in content and encouragement, so I hope you’ll take time this weekend to carve out 40 minutes to watch it. You will be encouraged by the leaders God is bringing to Washington, and you will be encouraged to obey Jesus’ command to “Occupy till I come!”

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