Plymouth Rock: Where God’s Work in America Began!

Once the Mayflower Compact was written, it was time to go ashore and launch into one of the most amazing experiments of all time. Could a people really govern themselves without a king, a dictator or a ruler of some kind?

Plymouth Rock was the landing place of the first Pilgrims who determined they wanted a better life, one ruled by God rather than tyrannical man. It was here they began the big adventure. It was here where God began to work in the hearts and minds of those hearty souls who risked their lives crossing the Atlantic in a relatively small boat!

But they did it! The foundation for the impossible dream was laid, and God began His work in this new land, right there at Plymouth Rock!

Listen to this man’s passion about Plymouth Rock and God’s place in our history! Enjoy!

Hey, if you have missed any of our tour stops, we’ve got you covered! Go back and pick them up here:

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