Learning to Occupy: Lessons from Thomas Jefferson

Welcome back friends! If we are to occupy until Jesus comes (as He teaches us to do), we should start where we live! It is an absolute fact that America was built on Christian principles, and our nation’s capital and early colonial states bear the evidence of it! For example, Moses sits front and center of the pinnacle of the US Supreme Court:

The walls of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial are covered with references to Almighty God and His work in our nation:

Even the Liberty Bell and the US Declaration of Independence clearly extol our Creator and reference His Word:

So, beginning today, as part of our Occupy Till I Come series, we will take a virtual tour (courtesy of Pastor Jack Hibbs) of our nation’s capital and early historical sites that laid the Christian foundation of our nation. This great country is worth fighting for and, as believers, we are to take back that which is lost. We do so, not only for our benefit, but to follow the Biblical command to bless Israel as well. If you have followed the news, you know our nation is falling to the “curses” side of the equation God spoke through Moses in Genesis 12:3:

And I will bless those who bless you [Israel],
And the one who curses you I will curse.

Only if/when we turn to the One who gave us our foundation will we see America stand strong and prosperous, and able to bless Israel as commanded. Stick with us over the next few days as we consider our nation’s founding and its significance to us as believers.

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