Arab Revival: An Exciting Implication!

We’re studying implications of Biblical principles regarding Israel, and today we’re closing with a look at a soon coming Arab revival!  Stick with me today, and if you’ve missed previous lessons, scroll back and review the previous 3 days.

Perhaps the most incredible implication for the nations is the fact that a huge revival will occur in Arab lands.  Keep in mind that God loves ALL people the same.  Also, Genesis 12:3 tells us that, through Abraham, Israel will be a blessing to ALL the families of the earth!  ALL means ALL…thus we can trust that Arab people will be blessed as well!

To further substantiate that fact, Acts 2 confirms that people from many modern-day Arab regions were present and accounted for at Pentecost.  (Please take a look at In Search of the One True God.)

Just as at Pentecost, Arab people will come in droves into the Kingdom of God because He promises the opportunity of redemption to the whole world!  In fact, in Genesis 21, God makes it clear that He will make a great nation of Ishmael and his descendants, as well as of Isaac and his descendants.  (See verses 13 and 18.)  Furthermore, we see evidence of significant spiritual awakenings throughout the Middle East, including in Iran.  (Look here for the evidence.) God loves them and desires they discover the One True God!  Israel exists as a blessing to them as well!

So, we’ve come full circle over the past few days.  God will correct His people and will bring national revival to them.  Meanwhile, those nations who serve as vessels of God’s correction should be careful not to become punitive toward Israel.  Retribution is coming to those who do.  However, because of God’s love for the whole world, He will bring about unprecedented revival in Arab lands among those who seek out the One True God!

Only a perfect, all-knowing God could come up with a plan like that!  Aren’t you glad we serve Him!

There is more to our study, and I’ll share more of it online in the future.  I hope I’ve given you plenty to chew on as we looked at Biblical principles and implications.  Soon we’ll dive into the great covenants God made with His people.  You know about the Abrahamic Covenant, but it is only one of several that have a bearing on our relationship with Israel.  So, stay tuned…we’ll gather around the study table again soon!

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