Biblical Principles Regarding Israel

Welcome back Bible study friends!  Yesterday we introduced a section focused on 4 Biblical principles regarding the land of Israel and the nations.  Today, we’ll dive into the first 3 of those principles!  (We’ll look at the 4th tomorrow.)  Here are the first 3:

  • Principle of Ownership
  • Principle of Righteousness
  • Principle of Discipline

The Principle of Ownership simply refers to the fact that, though Israel may lose the privilege of living in the land, she never loses ownership of the land.  Even in exile, the land belonged to Israel.

Take a look at Deuteronomy 30:1-6, where we learn:

  • Even after straying, if Israel returns to the Lord, He will restore them and have compassion.
  • The Lord will gather them and bring them back to their land.
  • He will prosper and multiply them.

The Lord is faithful to keep the land for His own!

The Principle of Righteousness refers to Israel’s need to remain faithful to her God.  As long as Israel is faithful, she has a right to live in the land.

In Joshua 5:14-15, the Commander of the Lord’s army  declared the land holy, and asked Joshua to lead a holy people into a holy land.  Presence and fellowship with God is more important than ability.  He wants hearts that will follow Him!  He demands humility, not performance.  The prophet Ezekiel later described the return of the Jewish people to their holy land in Ezekiel 36.  We know that Israel has returned physically…and will one day return spiritually!

Now, on to the Principle of Discipline, which is illustrated in Jeremiah 25:6-11 (among other places, such as the book of Judges).  This principle tells us that Israel’s failure to be faithful and righteous will bring God’s correction and judgment, shrinkage of land and even exile.  Notice: it is God who will do it.  In fact, God calls Nebuchadnezzar “My servant,” indicating that God will even use evil people to discipline His people.  (Yes, parallels might be drawn today as well!)  The Babylonian army carried out the Word of God!

So, those are three key principles regarding Israel that are taught in God’s Word.  Come back tomorrow for the 4th principle, as it will close the loop regarding Israel’s possession of the land.

See you then!


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