Gentiles Hear the Gospel for the First Time

This is exciting stuff, my Gentile friends!  (If you are Jewish, please pardon us as we celebrate this tremendous gift today.)

Jesus used Jews to take the Gospel to the Gentiles for the very first time!  As we learned yesterday, Paul was sent to the Gentiles after being rejected by the Jews.  However, the Jewish disciple, Peter, was actually the first to take the Gospel to Gentiles, and it happened in a place called Caesarea by the Sea.  I have been there, and have studied the following passage there, and it comes to life when you see and feel the very place where Jesus reached out to the Gentiles.

So, I want to share the experience as much as possible…let your imagination take you there today!  First, read the account in Acts 9:36 – 10:48 nice and slow.  (For extra blessing, read Acts 11:1-18, as Peter recounts the story!)  Allow it to sink in.  Then, check out More on Caesarea, where you can let your imagination run with the account!  Imagine being there…imagine hearing the Gospel for the very first time as a Gentile!

May today’s tidbit stir your heart to gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ…and to faithful Jews who followed Jesus and shared the Gospel message with us!  Praise God!

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