Learning the Who, What, When, Where and How of Ezekiel 38-39

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Welcome to week 5 of our study together.  This week we’re diving into the Northern Invasion described in Ezekiel 38-39.  But before we go there, I want to focus on this week’s prayer verse.  Psalm 129:5 says, May all who hate Zion be put to shame and turned backward.  As you pray for the peace of Jerusalem this week, may I encourage you to consider that verse?  Israel is the apple of God’s eye, and He is jealous for His people!  However, we are commanded to pray, even for our enemies.  Pray, as the Psalmist did, that all who hate Zion (Jerusalem) will be put to shame and turned backward.  May their shame and backwardness put them face-to-face with the One True and Living God, and may they see Light in their darkness.  As you pray for her enemies to be turned backward and to see the Lord, you are praying for the peace of Jerusalem!

Take a moment to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, then dig in to today’s lesson!

Our ship is sailing to important destinations this week!  As we’ve learned, Daniel and Ezekiel were prophets during Israel’s captivity through whom God revealed much about His plan for the end.  We’re diving into Ezekiel this week!  As a review, Ezekiel 36-37 details the re-birth of Israel, and we know that happened in 1948.  Thus, we are living in the time between Ezekiel 37 and Ezekiel 38.  Our study this week focuses on the next prophetic event recorded by Ezekiel.

Ideally, a full overview of Ezekiel 38-39 is most helpful because we’ll hop from one passage to another in the beginning.  If possible, turn to those chapters now and read them straight through, in one sitting, without interruption.  We’ll identify the nations listed in chapter 38 in the days to come, so no need to bog down there today.

With that overview as our foundation, let’s answer some key questions…

Great job today!  You’ve laid a solid foundation for the rest of this week’s Individual Study!  Be ready for big exploration tomorrow, when we will identify the nations listed in Ezekiel 38!

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