New Battle Weapons: Trumpets and Shouts

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We see that God is serious about blessing His people.  As it relates to Israel’s miraculous war history, we can see that God’s hand has been upon the land of Israel in incredible ways.  However, is that only a modern-day occurrence, or do we see evidence of it earlier in Israel’s history?

Let’s go all the way back to Israel’s entrance into the Promised Land.  Though God provided victories in other places prior to this, we can be certain of the first miraculous victory upon arrival in the Promised Land!  As a Bible student, you remember that Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land via the parting of the Jordan River.  Jericho stood only a few short miles from the Jordan River crossing, and is the scene of the first miraculous victory in the Promised Land.

Read Joshua 6:1-21.  If you’re like me, perhaps you thought it interesting that, as far as the Lord was concerned, He had already given Jericho into Joshua’s hands!  But the Lord wasn’t done providing interesting details!   What instructions did He give in vv 3-4, and what did God say the result would be (in v 5)?

Joshua did as the Lord commanded, and the people did as Joshua instructed.  This was an interesting confrontation, indeed!  What other interesting instructions were given in v 10 and v 15?  How would you summarize the conquest of Jericho (vv 16-21)?

This was certainly a very different battle plan than any earthly commander-in-chief has ever drawn up!  Why do you think the Lord commanded Joshua and the Israelites to conquer Jericho in this way?  Indeed, Israel’s victory that day was miraculous!  The mighty hand of Yahweh led the people to victory in a way they could not have made happen on their own.  Thus, God got all glory and none could boast of any sufficiency in and of themselves!

Throughout history, God has worked on behalf of His chosen people, and will continue to do so throughout the course of history still to play out.  However, there is dual application here.  Have you ever faced a challenge in which, looking back, you see how the miraculous hand of the Lord brought about victory in a way you never would have dreamed possible?

Dear friends, God is faithful to His people!  He is a God of hope and a God of victory.  No doubt, He has future miraculous victories awaiting the Israelites, His chosen people.  But He has provided every believer with a miraculous victory on Calvary’s cross as well.  The miraculous victories on behalf of the Israelites should be illustrations to all of us that apart from Him we can do nothing, but with Him, all things are possible!  He hasn’t run out of miracles!

While praying for the peace of Jerusalem today, why not ask God to bring about another miraculous victory in that land?

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