Coming Soon: Israel in Prophecy: Looking for the Blessed Hope

Hi gang!  We’re less than a week away from the launch of Israel in Prophecy: Looking for the Blessed Hope (the Bible study), and you are invited!  In today’s chaotic world, it is difficult to deny that signs of the last days are everywhere.  So how should we view God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people, and how should we view world events that play out all around us?

As we sail the seas of Bible prophecy, we’ll discover some answers, and we’ll exhort one another to be ready for the day our Lord Jesus Christ returns to take us home!

If you are in the Phoenix area, come join us!  We’ll be at Calvary Community Church’s northwest campus at 7:00pm on Thursday nights (September 10 – November 19).  For directions and more information, click here.  If you are not in the Phoenix area, I’ll do my best to share some thoughts with you.  Meanwhile, here is an description to the study:

LFTBH Banner(2)

 …looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our
 great God and Savior, Christ Jesus.
~Titus 2:13

ISIS…Iranian nuclear ambitions… pre-emptive strikes… Syrian civil war…Arab Spring…severe catastrophes around the globe…economic collapses…rampant increase in ungodliness…one world order.  Today’s headlines provide clear indication that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled right before our very eyes!  No one knows the day or the hour, but we are exhorted to understand the times in which we live.  How well do we understand these times?

What in the world is going on in the Middle East?  What is ISIS really up to?  Will Iran fulfill their nuclear ambitions?  Will Israel launch a pre-emptive strike?  What about Israeli-Palestinian peace talks?  Why all the fuss about Israel?  Should we be concerned about Islam?  What lies ahead, and should we fear?  To get it right, we must keep our eyes on Israel…God’s chosen land and God’s chosen people…and peer through the lens of Scripture.

Looking for the Blessed Hope will put our focus squarely on Israel and, when viewed through Scriptural glasses, will lead us to discover answers for ourselves.  Most importantly we will be challenged (perhaps in a few surprising ways) to trust God and His Word as we face the future.

So, jump on board with us as we cruise historical and prophetic destinations!  Here’s a glimpse of our itinerary:

Week One: Charting Our Course
Week Two: Seventy Sevens and the Prophetic Pause
Week Three: A Covenant Kept
Week Four: Israel’s Miraculous War History
Week Five: Terror from the North
Week Six: The Palestinian Problem and Terrorism
Week Seven: A Brief Look at Islam and the Qur’an
Week Eight: US, Israel and Other Nations in Prophecy
Week Nine: Heading for Home
Week Ten: Looking and Listening

See you on board!

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