Israel’s Re-Birth: A Key Prophecy Fulfilled

As you know, Israel celebrated her 67th birthday earlier this week (per the Jewish calendar).  In fact, I shared a bit of the celebration with you yesterday.  Indeed, the prophecy of Ezekiel 36-37 began realizing its fulfillment that fateful day when God re-established a homeland for the Jews and vowed to make it an everlasting covenant.

We need to  know, though, that it wasn’t an easy track to independence for Israel, but God worked miracles.  One miracle had to do with the United States.  Harry Truman was President and most of his cabinet and advisors were opposed to recognizing Israel as a new nation-state.  If not for a man named Clark Clifford, and for Truman’s upbringing in the church, the US would not have backed the re-birth of Israel.  (Click here to read the fascinating account.)

Why is the re-birth of Israel and the US reaction to it so important?  Because Israel HAS to be back in her land, living securely in order for other end time events to take place.  (See Ezekiel 38:8-14)  Thus, the Lord has set the stage by bringing the Jews back into their land!  A US President took a stand with Israel, in obedience to Scripture (Genesis 12:3, Joel 3:2), and I believe the Lord was glorified in that.

To gain an understanding of how it all came about, watch this 3-minute animated video.  You will see and hear the history behind that miracle!  Enjoy!

We will discuss Israel’s re-birth in depth during Israel in Prophecy: Looking for the Blessed Hope, a 10-week study beginning tomorrow morning (Sunday, 4/26/15) at 11:00 am at Calvary Community Church in Phoenix.  We’ll meet in Room 301 (on the north side of the building), and childcare is available.  Come join us if you are in the Phoenix area.

If not, I also plan to post brief points from the study on this blog, so follow along with us!

Shabbat Shalom!

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