Meet Your Tour Host and Special Guest Teacher

Kym Varner, Tour Host

Kym lives in Phoenix AZ, teaches at her home church and occasionally throughout the Southwest and Midwest, and serves on the board of directors of a thriving ministry.  An outdoor enthusiast, Kym enjoys hiking and camping with friends in the magnificent beauty of God’s creation.

Her deep love for Israel and the Jewish people is contagious and she is thrilled to serve as your tour host!  A frequent visitor to Israel, the Lord implanted a burning desire to share unique experiences that draw others into a deeper relationship with the God of Israel through connecting with the people of Israel, the history of Israel, and the culture of Israel.  Kym says, “Seeing Israel will change your life, but experiencing Israel goes even deeper.  It transforms your life!”

Rich experiences such as an in-depth Christian Leaders Seminar at the Yad Vashem Center for Holocaust Studies, conferences and ministry activity with the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, and independent ministry trips to Israel have intimately connected Kym with the people and the culture.  Those experiences are in addition to several organized tours and the privilege of sitting under some of the world’s best Bible teachers on matters relating to Israel, including Amir Tsarfati, Pastor Mark Martin, Pastor Jack Hibbs, Joel Rosenberg, Tisha Michelle, and Pastor John Kelley, who will be with us and will teach on this tour!

When not visiting Israel, Kym’s passion lies in writing and teaching Bible studies on the importance of rightly relating to our Jewish roots, as well as Bible prophecy. Many of those teachings are posted on Looking for the Blessed Hope and, occasionally, on Facebook.

Pastor John Kelley, Special Guest Teacher

Pastor John in Bethlehem’s Sheep Fields

Pastor John is a native Phoenician who enjoys hiking, guiding, puzzles, and water sports. In seventh grade, he recognized God’s call on his life and has loved serving God ever since. Since graduating college John has pastored in Arizona for 16 years, led hundreds of people on tours in Israel, co-hosted “Grace Talk” a weekly round table radio talk show, taught Math and Science to High School students, and directed a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation center. Additionally, he has been an active board member of many non-profit organizations, including Canyon Ministries.

John’s passion of God’s love, grace, and truth is evident each time you interact with him.

John remembers his first trip to Israel as the time and place ‘the Bible came alive as though it never had before.’ He invites you to join him to experience Israel in a unique, fun, and inspiring way.