Our 2021 EXPERIENCE ISRAEL TOUR was postponed from the early-spring to October. As you know, conditions are improving and regulations are changing, so be flexible!

UPDATED as of: 4/24/2021

Is the tour still on?
Yes! Our tour is scheduled for October 2-14, 2021, and currently there is every reason to believe we will go!

Is Israel open for tourism?
Israel is quickly and successfully emerging from the pandemic and is anxious to jump start their economy and tourism. Limited tour groups will be allowed to enter Israel beginning May 23, 2021, and tourism is expected to ramp up as they iron out details, and as the world inches toward herd immunity.

Are vaccines required to enter Israel?
Currently, yes. However, the vaccine issue is a political football being kicked around in nations across the globe, particularly in Israel where four straight elections have failed to deliver a stable government. It is unknown what will happen in the near future regarding vaccines and herd immunity, but Israelis are perfecting new testing methods even now. It is possible restrictions may lessen, but that remains to be seen. (Download the file below for more information, and guidance in making a decision about the vaccine.)

Will it be safe to fly?
Airlines have gone to great lengths to make it safe to fly. Also, we are in regular contact with our airline representatives to remain abreast of regulations regarding COVID. If it is not safe, we won’t fly! (Having personally flown since tight restrictions were lifted, I find extreme precautions being taken in airports and aircraft.)

When is the deadline to register?
Registration will remain open until mid-July or until all seats are filled. Most seats are already filled, so we encourage prompt registration. Also, monthly pre-trip planning meetings have begun and we want you to be fully prepared!

What if restrictions prevent us from going?
Ahhh….we’ve already thought of that! At this point, it is highly unlikely. However, if either the Israeli government, the US government or our tour coordinator and I believe it is unsafe to visit Israel, we will cancel the tour. That decision will not be made until we approach deadlines for tour and flight deposits (mid-July).

Will I get my money back if the tour is cancelled?
Yes, if COVID robs us of the opportunity to go, all funds (including deposits) will be refunded to you. Thus, there is no risk in registering and posting a deposit! (Non-COVID cancellation terms remain in effect. See itinerary for details.)

What does the future of COVID look like?
If we had that answer, we might be the most popular people on earth! However, considerable time and effort is spent digging into real data and researching what’s real and what’s politicized. Experts are cautiously optimistic. Israel is leading the world in percentages of populations to get vaccinated, and scientists there are introducing new methods of testing and treatment constantly. Israel is perhaps the world’s most prepared country to safely reopen borders.

I want to go, but still have specific questions/concerns. Who may I contact?
I (Kym Varner) am your tour host and point of contact regarding all details of this tour. I am happy to answer any questions and discuss any concerns you may have. Please email me at and I will respond. If you prefer, provide your name and contact number and I will gladly give you a call to discuss.