Why are at Least 7 Iranian Ships on Fire?

7 Ships Caught fire At Iranian Port - Asian Times

The saga continues…more mysterious explosions and fires involving critical Iranian infrastructure. On Wednesday (7/15/2020), an explosion resulted in fires on at least 7 Iranian ships in the port city of Bushehr. Again, Iranian officials remain rather vague on the proposed cause of the explosion. (Read the story here.)

A couple days ago we discussed potential reasons these things are happening, and why Iran is not pointing fingers at anyone. You will find that post here.

Regardless of the “how’s” and “why’s,” one thing we know for sure: the world we live in today is not like any other time in history. As we see pieces being placed carefully on the chess board that will lead to end times, we must be mindful that Jesus could come to redeem us…to take us out of here…at any time.

Are you ready?

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