Thousands of American Jews Set to Make Aliyah!

It's Time for the Great North American Aliyah | Uri Pilichowski ...
El Al bringing Jews home from around the world

A few days ago we completed a series entitled Return to Zion: Is it Time? In one of the posts (Part 2) we discussed the prosperous life for Jews in America and how, perhaps that has prevented them from considering aliyah (return to Israel, their homeland).

But also, the thought was proposed that, because of rapidly growing Antisemitism, much higher COVID rates among American Jews than Israeli Jews, and rough times in America, perhaps it is time for American Jews to consider their return to Israel, as the Bible says they will.

Then today, this….

14 Dreamliners…that’s a lot of aliyah-seekers! Again, prophecy being fulfilled right before our eyes!

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